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Freys is purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court since 1910.

Freys is a supplier to the Swedish Government and Foreign Embassies.

Freys is the supplier to the Nobel Foundation since 1901.


A journey from horsepower to fuel cells

For 125 years, Freys has transported royalty and presidents, politicians and popes, movie stars and rock celebrities, Nobel laureates and business angels. To and from luxury restaurants and watering holes, weddings and funerals, airports and business meetings, sights and shopping tours. Famous and anonymous people from far and near, in a never-ending stream. 

Frey's Hyrverk was founded as early as 1896 by Gustaf Liljedahl, a business genius, way ahead of his time. The creative entrepreneur was eager to find the perfect company name for his new horse-drawn-vehicle company. The criteria was to attract attention and have a clear connection to the business. The source of inspiration became the nationally known galloping horse Frey, who the year before had won the 300 kilometers long-distance horse riding between Jönköping and Stockholm.

In the year 1900, the company had more than 100 horses in its Horse Palace, at Grev Turegatan in Stockholm. The business was developed with new services, such as relocation services for American travelers and horse-drawn funeral processions. During the beginning of the 20th century, the automobile made its entry into Sweden and Liljedahl followed the developments closely. But it was not until he made the assessment that it was possible to make a lot of money on private car services, that he in 1907 began to invest in a high-class car fleet. These investments meant that business really took off. 

Gustaf Liljedahl´s spirit still floats free in the organization. Not least in terms of the company's values, which are based on an obsession with customers' needs. It´s deeply rooted in the employees minds to have an uninterrupted focus on the details: punctuality, security, discretion, accessibility and service. With the brand promise 'Driven by Experience', Freys today has a place among the world's leading companies in chauffeur driven car service. A result of constant business development and thinking big.

The vision is to deliver the industry's most sustainable transport solutions, with the bold and challenging goal of expanding the vehicle fleet with the first hydrogen fuel cell car before 2030. The day it becomes a reality, director Liljedahl will smile in his polluted sky.

Our vision is to become the world's
leading chauffeur driven car company

This means providing outstanding quality in every detail: Punctuality. Security. Discretion. Availability. Service. And that our drivers and high-end cars far exceeds the expectations of our clients.

In addition. Be at the forefront when it comes to creating the most sustainable transport solutions in the industry, with the motto that humanity and the planet can flourish together. 

Driven by experience is our lodestar

With an obsession for our clients' needs we have a continuous focus on punctuality, security, discretion, accessibility and high-quality service. Driven by experience in the chauffeur driven car industry since 1896, has given us the insight that luxury is in each detail.

In concrete terms, it means knowledgeable and trained chauffeurs and an immaculate latest-model fleet. Good is the enemy of great, constant business development and focus on sustainable business are our mantras to always exceed our clients' expectations.

Our values still breathe the founder's vision for Freys

His spirit still floats free in the organisation and forms the basis of the company's business strategy and values, which are.

Customer Mania create successful business
We take care, great and small
Think big with a strong desire for renewal
Cost-consciousness creates opportunities
We are one team on a shared adventure
A timeline of Frey's traditional history


On February 14, Freys Hyrverk is founded

After the merger, the new large business was renamed AB Freys Hyrverk and became the largest rental company in Scandinavia. The company was registered on 14 February 1896 and the share capital would, according to the articles of association, issued by King Oscar II, be at least SEK 275,000 and at most SEK 5,000.


Interview with Frey's founder in the Swedish daily paper Svenska Dagbladet.

It´s remarkable how our coachmen have increased in sobriety and orderliness in recent years. Now you often see our drivers with milk bottles in their hands. Not even during the Christmas weekend was there a single drunk here.


Sweden's first Nobel laureate transported to the Nobel Dinner

The director of the Nobel Institute, scientist Svante Arrhenius (to the right), transported to the Nobel Dinner by Freys Hyrverk, in a French electric vehicle. A man ahead of his time: in 1896 he became the first, through various calculations, to forsee the influence of human activity on climate change. Imagine that we had to wait 100 years before the electric car had its definitive breakthrough with Tesla, named after the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. Incidentally, born 1859, the same year as Liljedahl and three years after Arrhenius was born.

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