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Our partners

Freys is purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court since 1910.

Freys is a supplier to the Swedish Government and Foreign Embassies.

Freys is the supplier to the Nobel Foundation since 1901.

Freys has been driven by experience since 1896

For 125 years we have been obsessed with fulfilling our loyal, contracted clients´ various needs: from large corporations and small businesses to public authorities. Also, from the hand-picked, global network of operators – within the chauffeur driven services industry – that we are happy to be part of.

This means we have constant focus on discretion, punctuality, security, accessibility and, not the least, delivering efficient and flexible service. It can vary from assisting our clients´ in overall planning of business trips and coordinating important meetings and events.

This is to ensure that a transportation from A to B becomes as smooth as possible. The answer “NO” to a clients´ specific wishes, needless to say, thus falls outside our deep-rooted values. Unsurprisingly, our mantra good is the enemy of great is rooted in the soul of the company. 

We have been active in the chauffeur driven services industry since 1896. This fact has given us the insight that luxury is in each detail, because it brings pleasure and satisfaction to our clients´ in the moment they experience our services.

In more concrete terms, it means skilled and socially gifted chauffeurs and an immaculate latest-model fleet. 

Our brand promise – Driven by Experience – obliges us to always exceed our demanding clients' expectations, with a never-ending focus on business development.

An example of the latter is that from February 1st this year, we will no longer offer ordered transport services to the public - for a fee. Why, one might ask? Because our business concept needs to become even clearer. This means that in the future we will fully focus on delivering high-quality services to companies and authorities as well as our global network of operators – within the chauffeur driven services industry. 

It´s not without pride we are celebrating 125 years this year. This means we are one of Sweden's oldest, existing companies. Hip hip hooray to us! 

But for us, this event is already becoming history. Now we are looking into the future with the ambition of fulfilling our vision: 'To become the world´s leading and most sustainable chauffeur driven services company'. 

Trusted by clients worldwide