About Freys

Freys is the largest and oldest limousine company in Scandinavia, with an established political and corporate client base. We are proud of our prestigious and well-renowned brand – known for its high level of service, discretion and security.

Established in 1896

Freys Hyrverk has provided private transport for customers seeking first class transportation in Stockholm since 1896. Our clients can expect to receive the highest level of service and security, and we ensure that they are never disappointed.


Purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court

Freys is the purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court, has driven the Nobel Laureates during their stay in Stockholm since he prize was first awarded in 1901 and also serves the Swedish Government.
These prestigious assignments demand that we always provide capable chauffeurs along with appropriate vehicles. Nothing less is acceptable.

We meet these demands through our service minded chauffeurs – who are trained in advanced driving and client confidentiality, and our large fleet that is capable of providing up to a hundred additional cars for larger occasions with support from our subcontractors.

Collaborations all over the world

Freys collaborate with limousine companies around the world, and can help you arrange first class private transport almost everywhere.

Freys history since 1896 – it started out with a hundred horses

1896 – Gustaf Liljedahl, director of CG Jonssons hyrverk, acquired competitors Westerberg & Co and Käck & Co, which he merged to form a single company under the new name of Freys Hyrverk. The merger formed the largest private transport company in Scandinavia with around 100 horses.

Liljedahl took the new company name from a racehorse named Frey, which had won the Stockholm to Jönköping race the previous year with rider Per Carlberg.

Freys chauffeurs were impeccably dressed from the beginning. The English-style uniforms comprised of a dark blue jacket, white trousers, polished boots with yellow cuffs and a top hat. The chauffeurs were always clean-shaven and the dress code was strictly followed regardless of the season or weather.

1898 – Freys began the construction of new premises at Grev Turegatan. The building was a four-storey “horse palace” with an innovative lift system that could transport carriages and horses between the floors. The palace was inaugurated in a grand ceremony in October 1900.

1901 – The first Nobel Prize ceremony took place. Freys was handed the responsibility of providing the Laureates with transport during their stay in Stockholm and has done so ever since. Another prominent client during this time was author August Strindberg.

1906 – Freys acquired its first motorcar, which was considered more of a novelty than a serious rival to the horse and carriage at the time. Speed limits were also introduced during the same year: 15 km / h in daylight and 10 km / h in darkness and fog.

1910 – Motorcars increasingly replaced horse drawn carriages. In 1905 there were 300 horse drawn carriages and 10 motorcars in Stockholm. Five years later there were 300 motorcars and only around 30 horse drawn carriages. Freys invested in a number of luxury vehicles and in the same year was appointed the purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court – a major PR success.

1973 – King Gustav VI Adolf died in Helsingborg on 15th September. The Royal Court appointed Freys to oversee the transportation of the corpse to Stockholm, and flew both chauffeur Elis Palmqvist and car, a 1955 Chevrolet, to Helsingborg.

1976 – King Carl Gustaf XVI married Silvia Sommerlath. The task of providing fifty cars and chauffeurs to the festivities was Freys’ largest to date.

1986 – Freys celebrated its 90th anniversary by creating a 1.3 kilometre long procession of 90 cars, led by the then director Anders Läck in a 1934 Packard. The procession was the longest to date and featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

Today Freys is the purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court, serves the Nobel Foundation and the Swedish Government, and has an established political and corporate client base. The CEO is Jan Westlund, who together with PO Månsson owns Freys Hyrverk.

Freys’ over one hundred year history, complete with a collection of photographs, is documented in the “Boken om Freys”, which was issued concurrently with the 111 year anniversary in 2007.

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